Cell validation that alters data (byref validator callback)

QuestionsCell validation that alters data (byref validator callback)
Jeremy asked 3 years ago

I have a field that is stored as a float, but presented as a percentage. I'm using the sample code from the docs for formatter and unformat of the cell. It all works well. However, I want to take it a logical step further. Since users see for example "55%", they should be able to enter "55" or "55%" instead of ".55". Obviously if they do that, then the cell value becomes "5500%" and stored in db as 5500.0 – which is no good.

So I would like to add a validation call back that checks if the number is >1 and if so, divides by 100. But instead of passing just the value (which is passed "by value", I need to pass the "Cell" Object. But I don't know the syntax of that. I can't hijack the "formatter" because that is called when the grid is loaded. I need a separate action for when the user edits or adds values.

I have some other situations where this would also be useful. For example, if the user types in "fred smith", I would like to store that in the db as "Fred Smith".

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Abu Ghufran answered 3 years ago


All such operations and customization can be done in on_update event handler.
You can manipulate the submitted data in php function before saving it in database.

Refer http://phpgrid.org/docs > grid events

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