Column to show in "View selected row" only

QuestionsColumn to show in "View selected row" only
Rob asked 2 months ago

I want the initial view of the grid to hide a long text field but to show it when the row is selected and the “View selected row” button is clicked

Here’s my code

$col = array();
$col[“title”] = “Description”;
$col[“name”] = “Description”;
$col[“width”] = “20”;
$col[“editable”] = false;
$col[“export”] = false;
$col[“hidden”] = false; // hide column by default
$col[“show”][“view”] = true;
$cols[] = $col;

Server times out but if I remove $col[“show”][“view”] = true; the response time is back to almost instant.

Apart from that both versions of the code are identical.

Have I omitted or misunderstood something?

I’m on @version 2.2 build 20170726-1224

2 Answers
rob answered 2 months ago

Progress: there was an extra $cols[] = $col; further down the code (in both versions)

removing that restored responsiveness but I still don’t get the desired effect
i.e. $col[“hidden”] = false;  only hides the column in grid-view if $col[“show”][“view”] = true; is deleted

Abu answered 2 months ago

To hide in listing and show in view dialog, you need to set:
$col[“show”][“list”] = false;
$col[“show”][“view”] = true;

Also remove hidden property as it is internally managed.

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