Svilen Kirov asked 2 weeks ago

I am using a custom delete button and when I click it the delete dialog appears in the top left corner, as shown on the screenshot. I\’ve tried the already discussed solutions, however they only work when using the default delete button, and not a custom one.


This is my custom column

$col = array();

$col[\”title\”] = \”\”;

$col[\”name\”] = \”view_more\”;

$col[\”fixed\”] = true;

$col[\”width\”] = \”130\”;

$col[\”align\”] = \”center\”;

$col[\”search\”] = false;

$col[\”sortable\”] = false;

$col[\”viewable\”] = false;

$col[\”export\”] = false;

$buttons_html .= onclick=\”delete_row({ID})\”> <img class=\”resize\” src=\”src/users/icons/Delete2.png\”></img>

$col[\”default\”] = $buttons_html; and here is the delete_row function funct1ion delete_row($id){ jQuery(\’#list1\’).jqGrid(\’delGridRow\’, $id); };

The function is working properly, however I would like to change the location and size of the delete dialog.   Screenshot:

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Abu answered 2 weeks ago

You can pass additional param of dialog configuration in delGridRow. e.g

obj = {};
obj.width = “500”;
obj.beforeShowForm = ‘function(formid){ var gid = formid.attr(“id”).replace(“DelTbl_”,””); jQuery(“#delmod” + gid).abscenter(); }’;

jQuery(’#list1’).jqGrid(’delGridRow’, $id, obj );

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