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Ronny asked 4 years ago

Dear Abu,
I need your help. Any idea to display other page after click Submit button? I want to display detail grid after submit new data on master grid.

I had tried the codes below but not run.

$grid["add_options"]["afterSubmit"] = 'function(formid){jQuery("#url").after(javascript:window.open("http://www.google.com/?q={name}","newwind","height=500,width=800"); void(0);')}';

2 Answers
Ronny answered 4 years ago

The part of my script is like this:

$grid["add_options"]["afterSubmit"] = 'function(formid){jQuery("#url").after(javascript:window.open("localhost/employee_detil.php?q={client_id}","newwind","height=500,width=800"); void(0);')}';

function add_client($data)
mysql_query("INSERT INTO clients VALUES (null,'{$data["params"]["name"]}','{$data["params"]["gender"]}','{$data["params"]["company"]}')");

$data["params"]["client_id"] = $new_id; //Get Last ID

Any body help me how to capture $new_id and put the value at parameter on URL that called by pop-up?

Abu Ghufran answered 4 years ago

I think this is not supported. It will need some core level changes.

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