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Sri asked 6 years ago

Hi Abu,
Dropdown-Dependent as a part of your sample code is not run properly. It's not auto change the value on second column. Could you help to fix it? Thanks.

3 Answers
Abu Ghufran answered 6 years ago


Please email me at [email protected] from your payment address for latest build.

kim answered 5 years ago

dropdown select displaying the jquery ui NOT WORKING.
autocomplete displays jquery ui perfectly.
what am i doing wrong?
$col = array();
$col["title"] = "Budget FY ";
$col["name"] = "contract_BudgetFiscalYear";
$col["width"] = "30";
$col["align"] = "center";
$col["editable"] = true;
$col["editrules"] = array("required" => true);
$col["edittype"] = "select"; // control-type
$col["editoptions"] = array("value" => '2010:2010;2011:2011;2012:2012;2013:2013;2014:2014;2015:2015;2016:2016;2017:2017;2018:2018;2019:2019;2020:2020;2021:2021'); //values "key:value;key:value;key:value"
$col["editoptions"]["dataInit"] = "function(){ setTimeout(function(){ $('select[name=contract_BudgetFiscalYear]').select2({width:'80%', dropdownCssClass: 'ui-widget ui-jqdialog'}); },200); }";
$cols[] = $col;

Abu Ghufran answered 5 years ago

As you are using select2, make sure you include select2 js/css files as in demo.

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