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Azhar Abdallah asked 3 years ago

Dear Abu,

I'm using the following col condition to view image in grid:

$col["condition"] = array('$row["myImage"] == 0', '', "<a class='image-lightbox' href='javascript:;' containertype='image' data-fancybox-type='iframe' data-fancybox-href='../$imagesDir{myImage}'><img height=40 src='../$imagesDir{myImage}'>");

The field name in database is : "myImage" which contain value like "image001.jpg"

When edit the column i got the following value:
<a class="image-lightbox" href="javascript:;" containertype="image" data-fancybox-type="iframe" data-fancybox-href="../imagesDir/image001.jpg" <src="../imagesDir/image001.jpg" height="40"></a>

How Can I retrieve just the value image001.jpg without the format.

Thank you in advance and Best regards.

2 Answers
Abu Ghufran answered 3 years ago

You can use this unformat code:

$col["unformat"] = "function(cellval,options,cell){ return $('img', cell).attr('src').replace(/^.*[\/]/, ''); }";

It will find img tag, get src, remove path and return file name.
I've not tested it, you can adjust js if required.

Azhar Abdallah answered 3 years ago

Dear Abu Ghufran,

Thank you for your continuous support.

Have a nice day.

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