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JOEL GOMES asked 4 years ago

Good Morning
I have a webpage with autentication, i need to get session $_SESSION['username'] on grid, i have tried with the ["editoptions"] = array("defaultValue"=>'$username '); but no result, can someone help me please?

Thank you and great Job here

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Abu Ghufran answered 4 years ago

This should work:
$col["editoptions"] = array("defaultValue"=>$_SESSION['username']);

Make sure session variable is there before grid code executes.

JOEL GOMES answered 4 years ago

Hey Abu thank you for your reply but still not working , if i do an echo $_SESSION['username'] it shows correctly, the session variables are working, i dont know why they dont work on the grid. Any other options?

this is my $col i think is everything correct
$col = array();
$col["title"] = "Creator";
$col["name"] = "CREATOR";
$col["editoptions"] = array("defaultValue"=>$_SESSION['username']);
$col["editable"] = false;
$col["editrules"] = array("required"=>true, "readonly"=>true);
$col["width"] = "60";
$col["align"] = "center";
$col["export"] = true;
$cols[] = $col;

Thank you one more time

Abu Ghufran answered 4 years ago

Please email complete grid code for review.
You can email at [email protected]

Abu Ghufran answered 4 years ago

The columns are constructed only once,and at that time session value is not present so you are getting null.
I would advice to set column value using on_update or on_insert event handler.
Refer demos/editing/custom-events.php

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