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Miguel asked 2 years ago

Hi Abu,

I am trying to load grid php file inside div, my configuration:

Main page with link:

<a class="ajax-link" class="waves-effect" href="clientes.php"><i class="fa fa-tachometer"></i>Revendedores</a>

Main page with div

<div class="container" id="loaded_content" width="100%" height="100%"></div>

Main page with javascript

$(function() {
$("a.ajax-link").on("click", function(e) {

If i try to load clientes.php from browser it loads perfect, showing all records, when i try inside div no records shown.

What i'm doing wrong?

thanks in advance


3 Answers
Mike answered 2 years ago

Hi Abu,

I have test inside iframe and works fine, same as your samples. I dont know why didnt work inside div, maybe jquery limitations. Any help is appreciate.

Thanks in advance


Abu Ghufran answered 2 years ago

Emailing you working demo.

Mike answered 2 years ago

Thanks Abu,




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