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Miguel asked 12 months ago

Hi Abu,

I am trying to load grid php file inside div, my configuration:

Main page with link:

<a class="ajax-link" class="waves-effect" href="clientes.php"><i class="fa fa-tachometer"></i>Revendedores</a>

Main page with div

<div class="container" id="loaded_content" width="100%" height="100%"></div>

Main page with javascript

$(function() {
$("a.ajax-link").on("click", function(e) {

If i try to load clientes.php from browser it loads perfect, showing all records, when i try inside div no records shown.

What i'm doing wrong?

thanks in advance


3 Answers
Mike answered 11 months ago

Hi Abu,

I have test inside iframe and works fine, same as your samples. I dont know why didnt work inside div, maybe jquery limitations. Any help is appreciate.

Thanks in advance


Abu Ghufran answered 11 months ago

Emailing you working demo.

Mike answered 11 months ago

Thanks Abu,




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