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Bo Smiht asked 6 years ago

I have been working awhile now attempting to display my mysql database table. I can load the grid but all I get is a popup error message containing all of my table information. But nothing in the grid. I can use the add button and sure enough the table gets the new data inserted, but then the popup error shows again with all of the table data in it.
I am sure I am doing something very basic wrong, but cannot seem to figure it out.

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Abu Ghufran answered 6 years ago


Checkout the FAQ query #1. Point (1) looks to be your case.

##### Q) How to debug no records (blank grid)?

Few considerations before use

1) include the jqgrid_dist.php file before any thing rendered to output.
2) Check the ajax response of grid,

Use firefox->firebug->net->ajax-call of grid->response. You will see the output there, in case of any error. It should be proper JSON format data in order to render grid

Review this tutorial for '[debugging with firebug]('.

To enable debugging errors,

1) Turn errors on. Goto jqgrid_dist.php make it 'on'

ini_set("display_errors","on"); // changed from off to on

2) If you are using non-mysql database, Goto file jqgrid_dist.php

$g = new jqgrid($db);

$g->con->debug = 1; // changed from 0 to 1

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