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Massimo Gagliardi asked 6 years ago

Hi Abu
I have this column definition:

$col = array();
$col["title"] = "AF";
$col["name"] = "FlagFornitore";
$col["align"] = "center";
$col["width"] = "5";
$col["editable"] = true;
$col["edittype"] = "checkbox";
$col["editoptions"] = array("size"=>$col["width"], "value"=>"SI:NO");
$col["condition"] = array('$row["FlagFornitore"] == 1', 'SI', 'NO');
$col["export"] = true;
$cols[] = $col;

In the grid you can view 'SI' or 'NO' instead of '1' or '0';
In edit or add mode you can check or uncheck the field and with this code in custom add and edit routines:

if ($data["params"]["FlagFornitore"] == 'SI')
$data["params"]["FlagFornitore"] = 1;
$data["params"]["FlagFornitore"] = 0;

you can re-obtain the correct values ('0' or ''1) in the database.

But in the in-line search you have to write '0' or '1' because if you write 'SI' or 'NO' you don't obtain anything.
Is there a solution for this case?
Is it possible to write 'SI' or 'NO' and obtain the only rows that have '1' or '0' in the column?
Thanks in advance

4 Answers
Abu Ghufran answered 6 years ago

Try setting dbname param, as it is repalced in WHERE clause.

$col["dbname"] = "IF(FlagFornitore = 1, 'SI','NO)";

Pavel answered 5 years ago

I have the same problem. I'm using MSSQL 2008 R2.

$col_obj = array();
$col_obj["title"] = "Dodáno";
$col_obj["name"] = "BDodano";
$col_obj["condition"] = array('$row["BDodano"]==1','Ano','Ne');
$col_obj["align"] = "center";
$col_obj["dbname"] = "IF(BDodano = 1; 'Ano';'Ne')";
$cols_obj[] = $col_obj;

When I try to put A in search box I see this error "Couldn't execute query. SQLState: 42000 Error Code: 156 Message: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'IF'. SQLState: 42000 Error Code: 102 Message: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Incorrect syntax near ','. – SELECT count(*) as c FROM (SELECT ID,DatOd,DatDo,Cislo,Firma,Jmeno,KcCelkem,Vyrizeno,BDodano,stredisko,cinnost FROM appobj.V_OBJ where RelTpObj = 1 AND IF(BDodano = 1, 'Ano','Ne') LIKE N'%A%') pg_tmp"

Pavel answered 5 years ago

I solved this problem as :

$col_obj = array();
$col_obj["title"] = "Dodáno"; // caption of column
$col_obj["name"] = "BDodano"; // grid column name, same as db field or alias from sql
$col_obj["condition"] = array('$row["BDodano"]==1','Ano','Ne');
$col_obj["align"] = "center";
$col_obj["dbname"] = "case when BDodano > 0 then 'Ano' else 'Ne' END";
$cols_obj[] = $col_obj;

Abu Ghufran answered 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

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