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Massimo Gagliardi asked 5 months ago

Hi guys,

I have a main grid and a grid below it.

I would like to update the main grid in Excel mode, but if I set cellEdit = true I can’t call the rows connected in the subgrid; on the other hand if I set cellEdit = false I can get the lines connected in the subgrid but I can’t update the main grid in the excel view.
There is a solution?

Thanks in advance

Massimo Gagliardi

4 Answers
Abu Ghufran Staff answered 4 months ago

On master grid with id ‘list1’ you can set:

$opt[“cellEdit”] = true;
$opt[“onSelectCell”] = “function(rowid){ jQuery(‘#list1’).setSelection(rowid,true); }”;

This way, on each cell select event of excel mode, it will invoke row selection of master and update detail grid.

Abu Ghufran - Dev Team
PHP Grid Framework
Massimo Gagliardi answered 4 months ago

I work with the version 2.1.2 build.

There isn’t “onSelectCell” in this version.

There is anything of similar?

Thanks in advance

Abu answered 4 months ago

onSelectCell should work on your version as well. You can try putting alert(); statement inside callback and see if it is calling.

Also check debug console f12 for possible js errors.

If still not resolved, share code for review.

Massimo Gagliardi answered 4 months ago

This is a slice of my program:

$grid[“detail_grid_id”] = “list2”;
$grid[“subgridparams”] = “Groupage”;

$grid[“footerrow”] = true;
$grantpdf = $grantadd = $grantdel = false;
$grid[“scroll”] = true;
$grid[“cellEdit”] = true; // inline cell editing, like spreadsheet
$grid[“onSelectCell”] = ”
function(rowid) {
$(‘#list1’).setSelection(rowid, true);
$grid[“rownumbers”] = true;
$grid[“rownumWidth”] = 30;


$e[“on_data_display”] = array(“filter_display”, null, true);
$e[“on_export”] = array(“custom_export”, null, true);
$e[“js_on_load_complete”] = “do_onload”;


Nothing alert, nothing error (F12), but, incredible, with the right button of mouse, also if this isn’t the solution, it works!

I don’t know how doing.

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