new subgrid displays but no row data

Questionsnew subgrid displays but no row data
Steven Borruso asked 3 months ago


First post here.

I have a Master Grid with a Details grid that both work fine together.

I added a Subgrid to the Main Grid today.

The Subgrid displays (when clicking a “twisty” in the main Grid row) with all column header names but no row data.

No errors reported at the browser or in PHP error.log at the backend.

I can use the Subgrid to add a new entries, each new row data shows up in MSQL but is never displayed in the Subgrid

I traced the SQL cmd when displaying the subgrid, all looks fine (has the passed rowid val, etc) and the same SQL command when manually entered in phpMyAdmin returns the correct table data.

I’ve hit the stand-alone subgrid URL in a browser and it acts the same, the grid displays fine but no row data.

Ran out of things to investigate or places to look for clues.

Was hoping someone else may have seen something similar and had some ideas on what it might be or other things to try or look at.

Only have about 1 wk experience so far with using PHPgrid Framework, any assistance is most appreciated.

Chrome browser, CentOS backend, PHP 7.2.15, MySQL 5.6.43






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Steven Borruso answered 3 months ago

When using Chrome Dev Tools –

Just noticed when hitting the subgrid demo url and clicking the twisty I see a POST to the subgrid followed by a GET that returns the actual row data.

When I do the same thing using test app url I see the POST …. I do not see a GET for row data

Demo POST –

Request URL:

Demo GET –
Request URL:

My app POST –

Request URL:

(no GET for row data)

Which  is followed by another GET for my Master grid –

Request URL:

Abu Ghufran Staff answered 3 months ago

I checked the links, can you send code for review at my email ([email protected])

test_grid.php and daily_activities.php

Abu Ghufran - Dev Team
PHP Grid Framework
Steven Borruso answered 3 months ago

code sent

Steven Borruso answered 3 months ago

For anyone interested …

Abu found that I had specified this in the subgrid

$grid["datatype"] = "local"; // stop loading detail grid at start

For my subgrid php file I started by just copying the Main grid php file and modifying it.
That statement still exists in the main php file and seems to work there fine. Once I removed if from the subgrid code all was well.

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