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Roger asked 3 years ago

Using the free version. I do not have an add new item button.

If i look at the code button uptop it shows
"add"=>false, // allow/disallow add
"edit"=>true, // allow/disallow edit
"delete"=>true, // allow/disallow delete
"bulkedit"=>true, // allow/disallow delete
"showhidecolumns"=>true, // allow/disallow delete
"rowactions"=>true, // show/hide row wise edit/del/save option
"autofilter" => true, // show/hide autofilter for search
"search" => "advance"

Thus i assume its because the add = false. Where in the world do I change this. Ive looked and looked.


1 Answers
Abu Ghufran answered 3 years ago

Please review your code for this code segment and change it.
You can also check reference code in demos/misc/example-all.php

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