No toolbar at all.

QuestionsNo toolbar at all.
Hubert asked 6 years ago

There are option "top" "button" "both"

but how can I enable option "no" 🙂

sometimes specially in subgrid it would be good to disable toolbar in subgrid

2 Answers
Abu Ghufran answered 6 years ago

Do following config to show/remove items in toolbar

$opt["rowList"] = array();
$opt["pgbuttons"] = false;
$opt["pgtext"] = null;
$opt["viewrecords"] = false;

"add"=>false, // allow/disallow add
"edit"=>false, // allow/disallow edit
"delete"=>false, // allow/disallow delete
"view"=>false, // allow/disallow view
"refresh" => false, // show/hide refresh button
"search" => false, // show single/multi field search condition (e.g. simple or advance)

I'm also emailing you latest build to reflect exact changes.

Hubert answered 6 years ago

I've made it like this and this doesn't work (i've update jgrid file to the newest):

$g = new jqgrid();
"add" => false, // allow/disallow add
"inlineadd" => false, // will allow adding new row, without dialog box
"edit" => false, // allow/disallow edit
"delete" => false, // allow/disallow delete
"view" => false,
"rowactions" => false, // show/hide row wise edit/del/save option
"autofilter" => false,
"refresh" => false,
"search" => false,
"showhidecolumns" => false


$grid["height"] = "100%";
$grid["sortname"] = 'czas';
$grid["sortorder"] = "desc";
$opt["rowList"] = array();
$opt["pgbuttons"] = false;
$opt["pgtext"] = null;
$opt["viewrecords"] = false;
$grid["autowidth"] = true;

$out = $g->render("sub1".$_REQUEST["subgrid"]);

echo $out;

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