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Stephen Hartigan asked 5 years ago

Hi I'm using the persists settings code, but I cannot get the grid to remember the filters, any refresh removes the filters and returns the grid to the first page. If I page through the grid and do not filter then the page is remembered but any filter breaks this.

I'm using these settings:

var opts = {
"stateOptions": {
storageKey: "gridState-list1",
columns: true, // remember column chooser settings
filters: true, // search filters
selection: true, // row selection
expansion: true, // subgrid expansion
pager: true, // page number
order: true // field ordering

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Abu Ghufran answered 5 years ago

Some issue exist in filters persistence. I'm working on this issue.
Are you using toolbar filters or search dialog?

Abu Ghufran answered 5 years ago

Kindly replace the source of jqgrid-state.js with following. Updated plugin support toolbar filter persistence.

<script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script

And for search dialog persistance, set search to advance.


"search" => "advance",

Demo here:

Stephen Hartigan answered 5 years ago

Hi Abu,
Both but mostly toolbar filters.
Any help appreciated.

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