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QuestionsProblem formatting columns
josep asked 5 years ago

I have a problem with the css formatting.
Working with phpgrid whose data charge from an array.
Some cells have the propieda blackground different color depending on its value

$ f = array ();
$ f ["column"] = "activity";
$ f ["op"] = "=";
$ f ["value"] = "MA";
$ f ["cellcss"] = "'background-color': '# FF33FF'";
$ f_conditions [] = $ f;

$ f = array ();
$ f ["column"] = "activity";
$ f ["op"] = "=";
$ f ["value"] = "A0";
$ f ["cellcss"] = "'background-color': '# FFCC99'";
$ f_conditions [] = $ f;

It happens that in generating the colors come out perfectly but are lost in the filtrate. To avoid losing scrooll I put the property to true

$ grid ["scroll"] = true;

but in this case it happens that I can not keep fixed columns.

Is there any solution to maintain fixed columns and paginated without losing the possibility of property $ f ["cellcss"] = "'background-color': '# FFCC99'";


3 Answers
Abu Ghufran answered 5 years ago

I emailed you working demo local-array.php few days back, kindly check and reply if still not working.

josep answered 5 years ago

The example you sent me does not correspond to the problem that comment because the problem occurs when I set jqGrid with paging and fixed columns at once; if these two conditions are not met working properly; in the example sent no fixed columnads.


Abu Ghufran answered 5 years ago

Emailed you updated jqgrid_dist.php lib.

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