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Scott Pratt asked 7 years ago

How can I check if a cell has been click/dbl clicked etc…

I can currently get the value of any cell if a row is selected but I can't tell if the user selected (clicked on) a cell itself. I only want to return a value if a user clicks on a specific cell. I'd guess it would be similar to tool tip but onclick instead of on hover

2 Answers
Agust answered 7 years ago

To learn more on jqGrid events, you can read this page:

In your case, you would need to read about 'onCellSelect' event.

I tested the following javascript codes:

var opts = {
'onCellSelect': function (rowid,icol,cellcontent) {
var info='Row:'+rowid+'nCol:'+icol+'nContent:'+cellcontent;

Abu Ghufran answered 7 years ago

I guess agust resolved your concern (thanks agust). Let me know for further query.

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