Special chars issue in TCPDF output

QuestionsSpecial chars issue in TCPDF output
Steve Borruso asked 3 months ago

Hello Abu,

Hope all is well with you.

All of my grids use customized TCPDF routines that (after a lot or research) I’ve been able to write.

My problem is in getting TCPDF to output special chars (up arrow, down arrow, delta symbol, etc.)

Yes … I’ve spent 2 full days tearing my hair out trying to get 3 specific chars to show up in a PDF doc ūüėČ

I’ve looked at hundreds of TCPDF docs and forum appends and coded as many examples which all still display a “?” instead of these chars.

I know this is maybe more of a tcpdf issue than phpgrid but was hoping you might have some insight …

I’ve downloaded several ttf files (symbols, Wingdings, dejavu_sans, etc.) … latest one being symbol.tff – downloaded it, verified these chars are in there., and converted it to these respective files –
and placed them in the /phpgrid/lib/inc/tcpdf/fonts directory (there was a symbol.php file already there but no .afm or .z files)

Latest code attempt that always result in a ? instead of the special char –


// $this->SetFont(‘helvetica’,”,’9′,’wingding3′);


$d = ‘↑’;¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†// up arrow – displays a question mark in the pdf doc

// $d = ‘↑’;¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† // up arrow – no difference
// $d = utf8_decode($d); // no difference
// $d = ‘&’;¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†// this works
// $d = ‘€’;¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† // this works
// $d ='<span style=”font-family: arial;”>’.$d.'</span>’; // no difference

$this->writeHTMLCell($w, $rowcount * 5, ”, ”, $d, ‘LRTB’, 0, 1, false, ‘L’, false);

// always results in a ? being displayed instead of the special char … no errors reported anywhere

I’m kinda new to dealing with fonts and such … this probably has to do with my font files not being placed correctly, or specifying their usage incorrectly,¬† but with no errors produced anywhere I’m finally at a loss.

Any assistance is most appreciated.

Thanks !!



2 Answers
Steve Borruso answered 3 months ago

Just realized that in my opening append that a couple of my variable assignment values above show up as being converted¬† ¬†the $d =¬†& #8593¬† ¬† and¬†¬†$d = ‘& #8364;’;¬† ¬†showed up as converted symbols

Abu Ghufran Staff answered 3 months ago

Thanks for updating.

Closing this ticket.

Abu Ghufran - Dev Team
PHP Grid Framework
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