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Massimo Gagliardi asked 3 years ago

Hi Abu
I have a script with 6 tabs.
The tabs show other data of the same record.
Records are over 2000
In the main grid (the first tab) I have no problem to show 15 records in false scroll mode ($ grid ["scroll"] = false).
In the other tabs , even if I set $ grid ["scroll"] = false; the view is always in the true scroll mode.
I also removed all other owner script, if they could go into conflict.
How can I do?
Thanks in advance
Massimo Gagliardi

3 Answers
Massimo answered 3 years ago

I must add that in another situation (subgrid) if I change the dimension of window, the master grid, after F5, is resized, the subgrid NO, remains with all the original width and , consequently, the columns at the right disappear

Massimo answered 3 years ago

Hi Abu,
I discovered the cause.
It is the ckeditor, in inline mode, that, I don't know the motif, do crash the scroll mode.
Do you have some suggestion?
Because I prefer to use the ckeditor in inline mode instead that in replace mode.
Thanks in advance

Massimo answered 3 years ago

Forget what I said.
I worked with on old distribution (20140707), this was the motif

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