• PHP Grid with little config, enables Add, Edit, Del, Auto-filter, Search, Sort, Page, Grouping, Export, Custom Add/Del Calls, Master-detail Grids, Multiple Databases, Customizable Themes and many other features.
  • It's Secure & Commercially Opensource so you can extend your own core functions.
  • Best suitable for smart engineers, who wish to save development time & effort of creating repetitive CRUD functions through out their projects.
  • Custom SELECT query option is useful for cross table data displaying and Reporting generation. PHP Datagrid Control is extendable and you can write your own Custom Code-behinds for adding, updating or deleting records. 
  • Supports all major databases including Mysql, SQL Server, Oracle, PGSql & ODBC Driver supported databases.

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Add, Edit, Del, Search, Sort, Page, Themes, Autofilter, Group, Export, Multiple Databases, Custom Add/Del Calls, Grid-Subgrid View

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