Today, we are glad to announce the release of PHP Grid v2.0.
Adding a lot of features, updates, optimizations and fixes. Thanks for all who contributed in evaluation.

Major Highlights:

  • Overall User Interface Enhancement, New Glyph Icons, Cozy Spacing Layout enabling it to be used on mobile devices easily.  Bootstrap3 is also supported now. This version comes with 3 layouts, i.e. Cozy, Bootstrap and Classic (old slick version).
  • New Professional Themes (Dark, Light, Colored). Metro Color Themes light/dark/black are recently added. You can also rollover your custom color theme using jQueryUI.
  • Integration with jQuery Plugins. Now you can connect plugins like datetime, autocomplete, select2, fancybox, ckeditor, jscolor and many others with simple process, enabling endless possibilities in features.
  • Added support for many missing database engines
  • And finally, all such features gave same experience on modern browsers.

Technical Change-log:

  • Added support for PHP v5.0+ to v7.0
  • PDO and MySqli Drivers support
  • New Glyphicon (Iconset) / Bootstrap3 support
  • Muliple File Uploading Support
  • Support for SQLite and Firebird databases
  • Advanced Search Conditions (Search in Groups)
  • Exporting selected rows and columns
  • Session data based grid (with add/edit/del)
  • Exporting Master Detail PDF
  • Image auto-embed support in PDF export
  • Select2 plugin support for data entry and search form
  • Over 200+ fixes and updates.

Next Actions:

Active license customers can request free upgrade using this link.

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